5 ways to increase your testosterone levels

Your testosterone level is really important for your development, and life especially if you’re a sports person. The testosterone is actually a hormone which defines most of the male’s characteristics. As well as the other substances in your body, your hormonal level can drop or rise in your body. Obviously, the rise of testosterone in your body has some advantages, but if the level of the hormone is above the limit, it could bring you lots of consequences. From the sports point of view, the testosterone level is supposed to be higher for making your musculature better, also for your resistance and for your endurance. The testosterone is mostly genetically inherited, but there are ways you can increase its level. Here are some tips that we made for you!

1. High-Quality Sleep

Knowing that sleep restores your energy, and it improves your activity in every point of view, sleep has a huge role in increasing your testosterone level. Sleep is necessary for everyone, but not everyone cherishes sleep, in terms of time, and getting enough sleep. After a tough day, your body as well as your brain has a need for some good rest, so all you need is some sleep. Lets say, going to bed after 11PM can disrupt all your needs for restoring the lost energy. During sleep melatonin is secreted which is responsible for regulating your sleep cycles. If you sleep 6-8 hours a day you’ll surely increase your testosterone level.

2. Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in all nutrients necessary . This type of food contains the needed proteins and carbohydrates  that a human needs. If your intake of this type of super food is small, it’s still enough to increase your testosterone. Research shows that people that consume this type of food have the highest testosterone level . Make sure you eat nuts  and seeds because the benefits you’ll get are significant.

3. Cold Showers

Cold showers have more advantages, including

  • Improving your blood flow
  • Avoiding stress
  • Most importantly, increasing your testosterone level.

If you don’t have any health problems, try to shower with cold water, just for a few seconds. If you have any health problems make sure you contact your doctor for advice. Try to shower  at least for 10-20 seconds, if cold water is a problem to you. After the shower you’ll feel full of energy and relaxed. If you are exercising every day, make sure to use this technique in your daily routine.

4. Minimize Stress

Simple – if  you want your testosterone level to increase, just stress less. Don’t let stress be a part of you, try to control it. The best way to relief from stress is to do sports, or just visit the gym. Exercise is your best friend if you want to fight stress.  Think positive, be a calm person, relax and you’ll see how you’ll improve as a person.

5. Vitamin D & Sun

Consuming vitamin D – the vitamin D helps with the increase of your testosterone. You have to keep in mind that the consumed vitamin D cannot be activated unless you are exposed to the sun. The sun is a factor that plays an important role in activating the vitamin D. Consume food that is rich with this vitamin for a significant improvement of your resistance in the organism, and, of course, for increasing the level of the testosterone. Let the sun be your friend, and don’t be scared to be exposed to a moderate sun, especially in the winter time when the sun isn’t that strong.

These are some of the ways you can increase your testosterone. If you keep up with these tips, you’ll have significant results. If you want success, try to create good habits and stick to them.