About us

Started in 2017, Fitclaw became a magazine which priority is to educate mostly young (but it’s also good for the elderly people) about benefits of living a healthy life. Our priority is to invite everyone who isn’t exercising or stopped exercising to start with it, you won’t regret it.


Because it has benefits for you in every aspect of live.

How did we started?

In October 2017, Gorgi(CEO & Founder), got the idea of creating a magazine that would help others with improving their lifestyle. With the help of Martin(CEO & Founder), Fitclaw was born.

This is Fitclaw's first logo. It was made by Gorgi and
he thought that this simple dumbbell looks great and
fits our magazine's theme.



-Our vision as a magazine

Our vision as a magazine is to, as previously said- to educate our readers with as much information as possible. Sometimes we may make mistakes so please make sure you help us correct them by emailing us and telling what’s wrong and maybe give us some more tips!
E-mail:info (at) fitclaw.com.


Other informations

In future we are open for contributions with experts from these areas especially professional trainers. If you want to help feel free to write us an email:info (at) fitclaw.com.


We would like to express our special thanks to Mitko Nikov for his contribution to Fitclaw.