Advice to make а wise choice for the holidays

New Year is coming! This means that you are getting on holiday with your family and friends. Fitclaw will try to remind you what to do in Christmas holidays in terms of fitness.

Before I write about this, I want you to read this two times so it could stick in your head because it is very important.

Try to drink less alcohol!

We know and completely understand that these holidays bring happiness and euphoria, thus far you need to stay relaxed and open up yourself by drinking a few shots. Unless you consume creatine, you have our allowance to drink a beer and maybe some shots but with self control, don’t get drunk!

Don’t forget that you need to train and keep your condition

Winter is recognized by gaining weight (Although, this isn’t true for everyone because we are a ‘mix’ of three body types which we will discuss in another article) and staying in condition is a must.

Try to remember that the priority of fitness is having a healthy lifestyle; lifestyle means that this is applicable every day. We will say if you want to look sexy and attractive on the beach don’t forget to be flexible and work on the ice!

Keep working in some low to moderate tempo, try as the bodyweight goes up the weight on the bar to go up which will stimulate hypertrophy(muscle grow).

Night, night, night… Night is for sleeping!

We know that during holiday going in the bed early is too hard. If in the summer there are super parties, in the winter there are series and movies which are nice entertainment, but worthless (If you are ambitious, they are time consuming).

Try to get in the bed before 11 PM, with strongly recommended an hour hard training before.

As we mentioned in most of our articles, try to make the atmosphere for sleeping as comfy as possible. Turn off the lights, go on a calm place, and one way of improving  your health to is try and  sleep every night in a colder place. Yeah, a  cold environment will be better for your body, mostly because it will improve your immune system, which will make you a little bit stronger in fighting all those viruses and bacteria that are active in the cold winter days.

Try to keep stylish

This has nothing to do with exercising, but we want to give you tips to improve your lifestyle in every aspect not only in exercising

Get a scarf please and don’t try to act like Hulk when going out only to show your muscles. Try to get some fit clothes and don’t be scared to hide your muscles because you will still look awesome and attractive.

That’s it for this article

So that is all from us for this direction article which is should be used as a plan and could be also upgraded and modified because we are not all the same and everyone has a different point of view on what fitness is.

Anyways, Fitclaw wishes you happy holidays, spend your time with the people you love and with the activities you love.

Hope to see you next year!