Have you heard about handball?

These days there is European championship in handball, so we decided to write an article about this sport,
explain its basic rules and giving you a reason to play handball.

Handball is more popular in Europe countries, is team sport in which play 14 players or to be more precise,
two teams of 7 players.

There are 7 different positions:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Line player
  • Left Back
  • Right Back
  • Playmaker
  • Left wing
  • Right wing
  • Defender(Optional)

One game lasts 60 minutes,two halves of 30 and there can be as many substitutions as the coach wants.

So basically without going deeply into the rules, we are going to explain what does every position develops from you.


Goalkeeper is one of the most crucial role in every sport. Being goalkeeper is very hard and it requires from you fast reflexes and being elastic so you could stretch your leg to defend your goal and not allow your team to lose. Best goalkeeper you can watch are Arpad Sterbik and Thierry Omeyer

Line player

Being a line player requires from you to be strong because you need to make blocks and you will suffer a lot of pain because if ball gets to you, at least two players will try to block you from scoring, because you are the closest player to the enemies goal. Most often, line players are those who aren’t fast and are strong to push and to survive down there.
Be sure to check out Blaz Blagotinsek and see great line player and good defender.

Left & Right Back

Firstly, is important to notice that if you play left back you have to be right handed, and if you play right back you have to be left handed. Unlike soccer, backs in handball attack and they score most of the goals. Requirements for being awesome back are height,strength,speed,endurance,defensive skills,decent feints and high,powerful jump!
Most effeicent and famous backs are Mikkel Hansen and Kiril Lazarov

Left & Right Wing

Same about which hand which wing applies and over here.Left wingers are right handed and right wingers are left handed. On this position you can find yourself if you are very fast to run,explosive, have a high jump and you are very precise and can manipulate the goalkeeper. Popular players that you can learn from for this positions are Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson and Victor Tomas.

Playmaker(Centre Back)

This position is the violin of the orchestra. It requires from you to dictate the movement of the ball,implementation of tactics and scoring goals with nice feint. For this position check out Nikola Karabatic and Domagoj Duvnjak.


Its name says everything, you need to stop everyone we said to score and help the goalkeeper to easily defend the ball not getting into the goal. Specialist for defense is Viran Morros. This position is optional and not every team has a defender due to having incredible players that can play in both attack and defense.

These are the players roles that one handball team can have. We encourage you to go and find if there is any team in your city and start training handball because is fun and healthy !


For more check out the web page of International Handball Federation and watch the current European Handball Championship in Croatia !