Things you need to know before you start exercising

Everyone wants to start exercising, but they do it the wrong way. That’s what we will talk  about in this article. We are going to point out some of the mistakes that everyone makes.

The human body has over 600 muscles. They make up to 1/2 and 1/3  of our body’s weight. Being prepared for exercising wants  you to give up from some things and change your lifestyle completely!

First of all, the main thing that needs to be changed is your meals. Nutrition is the most important part that leads to proper exercising. At the start of your exercising career, lower the intake of processed foods, alcohol and sugar drinks.
Drink more water, eat more home-made food and eat more times during the day in less quantity. Proteins are what make your muscles grow, so you should prefer it in your everyday meal. In fact, proteins haven’t got reserves in your body like carbohydrates and fat. If you don’t consume proteins in time, your body will be out of it so the immune system will use the proteins from your blood which is harmful for your health.

barbell man exercising

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Next is sleeping. People exercise and have a very dynamic life. That’s why a good rest is important for your body to recuperate the lost energy.There are too many situations where two people have the same training routines but one of them gains more muscles than the other, and maybe the reason is sleeping. The effect of good sleeping results with releasing testosterone (the most important hormone for building muscles).Also, to be prepared for the next training , your lost energy needs to be recovered, and without sleeping this can’t be accomplished. So sleep 7-9 hours and sleep at night, try to go at bed before midnight.

Increase your testosterone.This is a very important thing for exercising which you can accomplish most often with your meal. There are foods who help you to increase your testosterone, and one of them are nuts. There are many type of nuts which you can consume, and it’s a better option for building your muscles and do the exercising. The other way you could increase  your testosterone I staking a  cold shower. Cold shower s help the body to regulate the blood circulation and also increase your testosterone. So, try to regulate the temperature of the water while showering. Preferably try to adjust your water as cold as possible.

And last but not least – Overexercising.
Your body needs  rest. You should not shorten it. Over-exercising can lead to health problems and injuries.The type and duration of what your work determines is the fatigue. The fatigue most of the time arises as a consequence of physically working. If you over-exercise, you’re automatically tiring the nerve centers. If you do the weight training the best option for weekly training is 3 to 4 times a week, but if you do the cardio exercises it’s not a problem to do much more, for example 5 times weekly. So start slowly, start exercising 2 times per week if you haven’t exercised before and add one more training session on every 4-6 months.